Buzzpirat: All-In-One Ruggedized Hardware Hacking tool for learning, practice and play

Our mission is to make hardware hacking knowledge accessible to people with limited understanding of hardware, electronics, and mathematics

We create tools, documentation, training, and audiovisual materials to help you learn and practice hardware hacking in a safe and legal environment

Using the same hardware as Bus Pirate v3 but with some enhancements


Ensuring the safety of three key components: the Buzzpirat device, the target chip, and the PC

We’ve implemented advanced hardware protections including overvoltage and overcurrent safeguards, reverse polarity protection, and various measures to prevent device damage.

This includes a PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) for each I/O, Zener diodes, cut-off circuitry, and more, to enhance overall security

Bluetooth and WiFi

Compatible with Bluetooth/WiFi UART adapters for both iOS and Android, allowing for hardware hacking without the need for a PC

This functionality safeguards your computer by ensuring it remains disconnected from the target chip/board during incidents like short circuits, high voltage connections, or reverse polarity occurrences

High quality cables

Providing premium, labeled short cables and SMD IC hook clips, engineered for easy and secure attachment to small chips

Power supply for the most common voltages

Support for working directly with 5v, 3.3v, 2.5v and 1.8v. So you won’t need an external circuit to hack a 1.8v chip

Power supply capabilities allow for the connection of more power-hungry devices (~300ma)

Bus Pirate v3 compatible

Fully compatible with both the official Bus Pirate firmware and bootloader, as well as versions supported by the Bus Pirate community

We care about the environment

Designed for easy DIY repairs and modifications: Large components (when possible) and ample spacing between them allow for hassle-free fixes.

No need for a microscope or expensive tools - a soldering iron and a pair of tweezers are all you need

We strive to use the best environmentally friendly materials whenever possible and cost-effective

Open Source and Open Hardware

In all our work, we use the MIT license, which allows you to use, modify, and distribute our work for any purpose, even commercially

Flashrom, OpenOCD and AVRDude support

We will ensure it works seamlessly with software like AVRDude, OpenOCD and Flashrom which are widely used, well-known, and stable tools in the hardware hacking scene

We also create new hardware hacking tools and enhance support for existing ones


As a small, artisanal creator without the extensive resources of a large company, we dedicate significant manual labor and attention to detail for each individual board

Our commitment is to quality over quantity, and as a result, the product may be priced higher

Patience is appreciated as human errors and occasional bugs are an inherent part of this bespoke process

Buzzpirat is not intended for mass production (limited stock available)


One of our friends is colorblind, so we’ve made the Buzzpirat cables more accessible and easier to use. Each cable is labeled with all its possible functionalities, and the color of the cable is also written in text. This way, you don’t need to keep looking at the pinout on a screen

Language for kids

We want even the kids to learn about hardware hacking, so we try to adapt the content so that a kid can understand the basic concepts and play with the Buzzpirat

We’re also aware that the younger generations love video formats, so when we have some budget, we’ll make some

So, if you’re a red teamer or web pentester, you shouldn’t have any problems starting here and eventually hacking some IoT devices

Apple devices

In addition to creating things that work on Android , Windows and Linux , we also try to provide support for macOS & iOS